Welcome to ParaCordStuff.com

Thank you for chosing ParaCordStuff.  All of the items listed on this store front are hand made by me (Tim).  Each item here is but and example of what can be made given different color combinations and by adding different specialty items to your finished product...you're only limited by your imagination.

**I have now added a Tribute product section with my Fire Fighter, Officer Down, Strenght and Courage and Breast Cancer Awareness Tribute bracelets.


If you have to utilize your survival bracelet, i.e., take it apart to use the paracord for an emergency situation, take a pic and send it to me along with the story and I'll replace your bracelet for FREE!

If you have any pics of you or someone utilizing any ParaCordStuff products, send them in as well and I'll post them to the site!

$5.00 Flat rate USPS shipping for ALL orders! (in the continental United States and APO's)

I hope you enjoy you're shopping experience.